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Week 1 Question: What is play?

Sheep Class

Play is: Playing with friends, going on a bike ride, going to school and playing in the playground, going snowboarding. Playing is a social event and active - usually outside.  Milo enjoys structured and free-flow play, where he can be creative and imaginative. He enjoys support and interest from adults as well as having the freedom to explore independently or with friends. It makes him really happy. 

(Milo & family)


Mama thinks that play is time to do something you enjoy like reading and playing with friends. I think play is a game of tag. Mummy thinks play is having fun on your own or with friends. Overall: People think play is different things, depending what they like to do.

(Isobelle & family)


Spending time with family & friends. Play is fantastic! Play is fun. My favourite stuff to play with is Hatchimals, scooter, my little pony & slime surprise.



Play is where I can be active with my friends for enjoyment. This in turn helps me relax and be creative.



Play makes learning fun. Play is important to grow as a person and learn social skills. Play is exploring my likes and dislikes. Playing makes sad people happy. Play is bonding with others. Playing makes us excited. Playing makes us unhealthy. Play is to pretend eg. "I'm a rock star." Playing is to explore and free your imagination. Playing is having fun by myself or with others. I play in my free time. Playing is to be creative and make boring things fun. Playing is a mutual experience. Playing is taking turns and listening. Playing is sharing. Playing is helping. Playing is forgetting rules but being mindful. Playing is pushing my boundaries.

(Charity & family)


Dad - Play is fun, play is interacting with people, it is achieved in many different ways. My favourite way to play is football.

Mum - Play is about enjoying time with friends & being kind.

Ava - Play is about sharing equipment, all playing together. Playing is having fun.

(Ava & family)


Play to me is being able to have time to refresh your mind for the next lesson also having time to play with friends.

Playing hide and seek and pretending to be in the army.

Running around and playing tig.

It's about having fun and being mischievous.

Having fun and spending time with friends.

Playing football and having fun with friends.

Playing manhunt and having fun.

Playing with friends.


(Millie & family)