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Have a safe summer holiday and we will see you again on Tuesday 4th September 2018

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Outdoor Area Project

This page is a mini-blog to keep you up to date with the development of our outdoor area.

In Reception this year our project is to develop our outdoor area into a place that is exciting and inviting for the children. With the help of the PTA and parents (donations and volunteers) our aims for the outdoor area can be achieved! Miss Gill and Miss Walton are very excited about the project and we cannot wait to show you how it develops.

Latest update: 19/05/18 - We have introduced a new area to the children this week and it has been popular among all children, especially the boys! We now have a wood work area for the children to sand down wood of different shapes and sizes. The children have also been making plans of what they want to make with these pieces of wood and have even made a shopping list of hammers and nails for Miss Gill to buy. It is lovely to see the children so engaged and motivated in their learning. As well as the new wood work area, the bug hotel has finally got some guests! The children are so excited about the bugs they have found and we have recently bought a bug watch for the children carefully study the bugs. (see photos below)

18/04/18 - The outdoor area is finally starting to take shape and the children are now able to access all of the different areas. It has been lovely watching them learn lots of new things and explore the outside. Some children have even found some bugs in our bug hotel! (see photos below)

17/01/17 - Miss Walton and Miss Gill have managed to get outside over the past few days and turn the outdoor area in to a space that can be used by the children. Today, Miss Gill and some of Sheep Class went outside to explore the most recent parts of the outdoor area. The children had a fantastic time as: builders in the construction area, singers and actors in our dressing up and stage area, and musicians in the music area (see photos below). Miss Gill and Miss Walton are also very excited that our new shed is being put up on Saturday meaning we can begin to store things and create even more areas for the children to use!

07/12/17 - It has been so hard starting our outdoor project now that the dark nights have arrived but Miss Walton was determined to get outside this week and get our project started. She spent Wednesday evening (until 6pm!) outside with a torch starting to get things ready. We have begun to develop a music area, a stage area and the construction area, ready for the children to use. We are really pleased with the results so far and it has all been with the donations we have had so we are VERY grateful! Please see the photos below.

21/11/17 - WOW! We are so grateful for all of the donations we have received so far from all of our parents. We have been given so many wonderful things that we can really put to use in our outdoor area to support the children's play and learning. Some of the things that we have been donated so far are: bicycle tyres, pallets, cable reels, bricks, fancy dress outfits, old records, a pop-up tent, car tyres, a sand pit and lots more (with more on the way). We are SO grateful, so thank you very much. We would also like to give a special thank you to Bethany Hicklin for all of her help gaining a range of resources which will benefit the children immensely.