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Have a safe summer holiday and we will see you again on Tuesday 4th September 2018

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Pirate Afternoon

On Wednesday the children decided that they would like to look at pirates and build a pirate ship, so today that's what we have done!

We made pirate hats, telescopes and pirate maps and once we were dressed like pirates it was time to go outside and build our pirate ship. We worked together and used lots of team work to build a super pirate ship with a flag and a plank (we even walked the plank!). 

After we built our pirate ship we went on the hunt for treasure, we looked all over the Reception playground and Miss Gill even dug up some of our garden but we didn't find any, so we carried on our hunt. Then we found an 'x' marks the spot and we were so excited, we used our telescopes to hunt for the treasure chest and eventually we found it in our reading garden. Inside the treasure chest were chocolate coins and we got to have them for our snack with some milk. We had lots of fun being pirates for the afternoon!!