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Have a safe summer holiday and we will see you again on Tuesday 4th September 2018

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Multicultural Week

We have been looking at Wales in Reception for multicultural week. We have learnt lots about Wales! We have looked at where Wales is on a map, what their flag looks like, what they like to eat and we learnt lots of interesting facts. We found out that Wales is famous for sheep and that there are more sheep than people in Wales, we found this VERY interesting. We also know that Mount Snowdon is the tallest mountain in Wales and you can catch a train to the top or walk. We even looked at castles in Wales and we heard a story about knights and dragons. 

We also got to do lots of fun activities! We wrote interesting facts about Wales, we made Welsh flags, we made castles out of clay and a mountain out of newspaper. To finish the week off we got to have welsh cakes for our snack and we told the whole school everything we had learnt this week in assembly. What a busy week we have had!