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Gruffalo Hunt 

In Sheep Class we have been learning all about the Gruffalo story. Last week we received a letter from Miss Thompson explaining that she thinks there is a Gruffalo in the woods. We decided as a class that we should help Miss Thompson find the Gruffalo, so we went on a Gruffalo hunt!

On our Gruffalo hunt, we spent some time with the animals and met some new additions to the school - 2 day old baby chicks! The children were kind, caring and considerate of the animals; they were gentle when handling them and kept their voices quiet. 

We then spent the rest of the morning in the woods searching for the Gruffalo and taking part in different activities. For example, the children made Gruffalo pies, stick men, completed a sensory hunt, made a home for the Gruffalo and painted natural pictures using sticks and mud. We even had Friday's snack in the woods (there were no sinks to wash our hands, we had to using a watering can instead!).

The children had a wonderful morning in the woods and were very well behaved (Miss Thompson was very impressed)!

We even found the Gruffalo and he is now part of Sheep Class for the rest of the term!