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Wow, what a super exciting start to Spring Term 2! This morning in Sheep Class we became explorers and hunted around our playground for clues that a dinosaur had been... Whilst hunting we found HUGE dinosaur foot prints, dinosaur poo and a dinosaur egg!!! We then checked our CCTV cameras where we found a dinosaur walking around F2 playground! We were very excited about our discovery and we have been thinking hard about what we think might be inside the egg, we have even been writing sentences about it.

We are going to take care of the dinosaur egg for the rest of the week and we really hope it hatches! During the rest of the week we will be decorating our own dinosaur eggs, making edible dinosaur nests and playing with dinosaur poo (yuk!). 

See photos below of our exciting adventure!

This morning we have been learning even more about dinosaurs! We have learnt lots of new words, such as: extinct, asteroid, herbivore and carnivore. We have also been learning about dinosaur bones and fossils, we got to hold a T-Rex skull and look closely at a fossil. Sheep Class are really enjoying our dinosaur topic (and our dinosaur egg is starting to hatch)!



We have started learning all about Space! The children know all about the Moon and how astronauts live in Space.  We have also learnt about craters on the moon, what causes them and why they don't disappear; we even did an experiment to understand how meteors work. The children are really engaging with this topic and they have lots of lovely facts and ideas that they are keen to share with the class. 

Please see pictures below of our meteor experiment!