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Don't forget that school is closed to pupils on Friday 25th May 2018. School reopens on Monday 4th June 2018.

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Bear Hunt

WOW! What a wonderful afternoon Sheep Class have had. We have been down to the woods to go on our very own bear hunt! We got to meet our school animals. We saw the chickens, the pig and the goats. We even got to feed the goats! They were very friendly and their tongues tickled our palms when they ate the food. Then we said hello to Olive and we watched Miss Gill feed her a carrot; we love Olive the pig!

After that, the really exciting part started. We went on a hunt in the woods for a bear and guess what.... WE FOUND ONE! We invited the bear to join our log circle, we told the bear our name and we showed him our lovely singing.

We have had such an exciting afternoon and Miss Gill and Miss Walton are very proud of how well behaved the children were. Well done Sheep Class!!