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Don't forget that school is closed to pupils on Friday 25th May 2018. School reopens on Monday 4th June 2018.

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Welcome to Sheep Class. Our class teacher is Miss Gill and our teaching assistants are Miss Walton and Miss Fenlon. 

Our topic this half term is 'Space', we have many exciting activities planned, including: writing space stories, making spaceships and fruity rockets and lots more!

Literacy: this half term in literacy we will be writing labels and captions, as well as writing sentences and stories. The children will be writing their own stories based on the books we are covering in Literacy, they will also be designing and labelling a rocket, as well as writing fact books about what they have learnt about Space.

Maths: we will be looking at patterns, subtraction, doubling, halving, capacity and time. We will make these concepts exciting for the children by linking them with our space topic, for example, we will be designing our own patterns on pants, based on the Aliens Love Underpants story. We will also continue with our mini- number sessions, we will be learning our number bonds to 10. 

For more information on what we will be doing this half term please see the topic map below.