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  • P.E: The term we have two outside agencies taking the children's P.E lessons. Mrs Rowe will be looking at inclusion sports and Dave will be teaching the children a game called pacebalL. P.E will definitely be required on those days HOWEVER I would suggest they stay in school as if there is an issue with the weather, we may change the day so that the lessons can take place outside.                                                                 Item added: Monday 11th June

  • HOMEWORK: In preparation for moving up to secondary school, homework will change slightly this term. Spellings and reading will continue as normal (handed out on a Monday for the following Monday) however the other two pieces will be given on different days which change each week. They will be using their reading diaries to get to record their homework. Any issues, please come and speak to me.                              Item added: Monday 11th June


  • SHARKS AREA UPDATE: The class calendar has been amended to include all the current events that involve Year 6 and a gallery has been created to include photos from Eden Camp.                                                                                                                                                         Item added: Monday 11th June


  • On Thursday (1st March), the class will be performing an assembly for parents and the rest of the school in the school hall at 9.15am. This is to show everyone what we have learnt in dance with Miss Clare. We look forward to hopefully seeing you there.                                                 Item added: Tuesday 27th February

  • This afternoon in P4C (Philosophy for Children) we have been looking at a video called 'The Piano'. We then went on to come up with some questions about the video. We would like to share the video with you and find out what questions you might like to ask about it. Please feel free to think outside the box, as there are no right or wrong answers in P4C. We will then vote on a question that we would like to discuss in our next lesson. We (the children) will record the question in our reading diaries on the notes page. Click HERE for the link. Mr Walmsley and Year 6. Item added: Tuesday 30th January 


  • Thank you very much for the quick return of the pupil consultation evening reply slips. The parent consultation evening takes place on Thursday 15th February - we will be talking about your child and how they are doing in relation to the upcoming SATS tests. So far the times are as follows: 
Time Name of Pupil Time Name of Pupil
3.30 Bradley R 5.50
3.40 Leeland 6.00 Jason H
3.50 Alex 6.10 Destiny
4.00 Courtney 6.20 Pheobe
4.10 Bradley P 6.30 Asha
4.20 Charlie 6.40 Ella
4.30 Elliot 6.50 Dominic
4.40 Jason D 7.00
4.50 Oliver 7.10
5.00 Izobelle 7.20 Thomas
5.10 Darcey 7.30
5.20 Eve 7.40
5.30 7.50


          There are still plenty of times available but if you have any issues with the date or the time given above, please come and speak to me (Mr                    Walmsley).                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Item added: Monday 29th January   


  • Last Friday, the children took part in African Art Day. The children created their own 'Mud Art' pictures using their fingers. Photos can be found by going to: Class Pages > Sharks > Gallery > African Art Day.                                                                                                                                Item added: Monday 22nd January   


  • Bikeability took place today with 12 children from the class taking part. The day started with the children learning the basics on the playground before moving onto the roads in the village. The children were superbly well behaved and really enjoyed it. I must take this opportunity to thank the bikeability staff for their work on the day - they went above and beyond trying to keep the bikes going. Thank you very much guys! Photos are available by going to: Class Pages > Sharks > Gallery > Bikeability.                                                                                                                    Item added: Tuesday 14th November 


  • Bikeability letters will go out tomorrow (Fri. 3rd Nov.). There are only 16 places available and children are chosen on a first come first served basis. The event takes place on Tuesday 14th November.                                                                                                                                   Item added: Thursday 2nd November 


  • This past Saturday (21st October), the children visited the Adrian Flux Arena for round 7 of the BriSCA F1 National Points Shootout. It was an absolutely fantastic and our children were superbly well behaved throughout. Photos are available by going to: Class Pages > Sharks > Gallery > Stock Car Trip. Thank you to Lesley Naylor, Adrian Naylor and Suzanne Greenhalgh for helping out with the trip and to all the parents and  older siblings that helped make the day fantastic.                                                                                                                                                 Item added: Monday 23rd October    


  • HALF TERM HOMEWORK. For homework this half term, I would like the children to make sure they have read a minimum of 4 times over the course of the week. Please fill in the reading sheet to record completed reading. They also have a piece of handwriting. All homework is due in on Monday 30th October.                                                                                                                                                                                            Item added: Friday 20th October