Stonebroom Primary And Nursery School

This Friday is 'African Ark' Day - we will be practising our african drumming, producing african art and also learning african dancing.

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Nursery Pets

At Stonebroom Primary and Nursery School we understand that learning about animals is very important. It helps our children to learn responsibility and patience. We are very lucky to have three beautiful guinea pigs living in our setting.

The children love learning about how to care for them and they all enjoy handling and feeding them.

The children help to take care of them each day and help to clean them out too!

Our guinea pigs live outside and we bring them in each week to be handled.

Guinea pigs do not like loud noises so we have learned to be quiet around them.

We feed our guinea pigs dry food each day and lots of green foods as a treat!


Poppy is black and white and loves to be cuddled. She is the smallest of our guinea pigs and the quietest.

Nibbles is very cheeky! She is called Nibbles because she will nibble on anything! She likes to nibble jumpers and trousers! She is very greedy and has a fat tummy!

Bramble is black, white and brown. She is very playful and will follow Nibbles everywhere! She likes eating carrots and broccoli!