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Have a safe summer holiday and we will see you again on Tuesday 4th September 2018

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Eden Camp

On the 21st May, Year 4 had an amazing day out exploring the huts at Eden Camp with the rest of Key Stage Two.

We began to learn about the various aspects of World War II, including the Blitz, the Bevan Boys and auxiliary fire fighters, U-Boats, the Home Front and how to Dig for Victory. We looked at the reasons why the war began, the types of clothes people wore and what what the same and different about living during the second world war and today. We watched a puppet show with many of the famous songs and poems which entertained the troops and let off a bit of steam in the fort playground before buying some mementos in the gift shop. The behaviour of the children was fantastic and this was a fantastic way to start our whole school topic on World War II. Many thanks to all of our helpers for making this a memorable and successful day out. Have a look at our gallery below and look out for other galleries based on the learning we do as part of this project.